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A better quality of life
through protection and activation of mitochondria


Message from Dr.Franz Enzmann

For almost 30 years, mse Pharmazeutika, with its thirst for knowledge, know-how and passion, has been researching mitochondria, ”the power plants of our cells” and their importance for our health. These are also the focus of mitochondrial medicine (MitoMed).

The company develops high-quality supplements based on specific ingredients called Mitoceuticals®, which play an important role for mitochondria.

Based on 30 years of research, Dr Franz Enzmann has developed the MitoMed concept. This concept mainly uses mono-preparations which– similar to a modular system – can be combined and dosed individually.


mse Pharmazeutika attaches great importance to the quality of its products, which is why only endogenous and natural substances with a very high degree of purity and a minimum of additives are used.


Giving people more vitality and quality at every stage of their lives is what drives us at mse Pharmazeutika.

Protection and activation of mitochondria in all organs.

Only endogenous and natural substances

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