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Our exposure to modern wireless environment is permanent ...and keeps rapidly increasing.

Image by Mika Baumeister

What does electrosmog refer to ? 

The term electromagnetic smog refers to all artificially generated electromagnetic fields in the environment and the resulting permanent exposure of people and the environment to them.

  • Electromagnetic smog is classified as non-ionizing radiation. This means that the electromagnetic waves do not produce the energy required to remove electrons from atoms or molecules, unlike ionizing radiation such as radioactivity.


It is sub-divided as follows:

  • Low-frequency electric and magnetic fields

  • High-frequency electromagnetic fields

Lower frequencies

  • less energetic waves

  • yet still incredibly fast.



  • wavelengths move at super fast speed that energetically eject electrons from atoms, damaging DNA.

What you need to know 

Health effects of wireless radiations

  • Low, Very Low, Extremely Low frequencies also have effects.

  • The issue is not the power but the speed i.e pulsed EMFs.

  • Safety standards only consider smartphone, and not the combination of all sources.

  • Non-thermal EMFS have biochemistry - biophysics impacts.

Our body essential functions react to them.

  • Our body is made largely of water,

  • Water molecules have a voltage.

  • Every cell has an electromagnetic charge on the membrane.

  • All of our neurological and chemicals activities operates by bioelectrical impulses.


Our skin has a biological response to the mm waves.

  • mm waves are intensively absorbed into the skin.

  • The body is used as an antenna to microwaves radiations.

  • The integrity of the skin is important to the immune system.

Excessive free radicals production is triggered by EMFs.

  • EMFs weaken the cell membrane,

    • disrupt the structure of water,

    • lead to an excess of free radicals and oxidative stress,

    • damage the mitochondrial function.


VIVOBASE prevents EMFs to enter the body

VIVOBASE generates a natural sferic (atmosphere ) which supports the organism to recover naturally (vegetative nervous system, water molecules polarisation).

Published references on possible EMF adverse health effects

Possible consequences are, among other things, extensively described by the ‘Competence Initiative for the Protection of Man, Environment and Democracy’ (Kompetenzinitiative zum Schutz von Mensch, Umwelt und Demokratie e.V.). This non-profit association of scientists and physicians deals with the effects of mobile and wireless communication. A small excerpt from the international doctors’ appeal 2012: ‘Our body consists largely of water and is controlled by bioelectrical impulses. Electromagnetic radiation can interfere with these natural processes. These rays penetrate into the body and prevent optimal cell supply. If we are exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields (called electromagnetic smog or electrosmog), these can have a fundamental impact on biological processes in our body with the following effects:


- Lack of concentration and sleep problems
- Disturbance in the balance of our vegetative nervous system
- Weakening of the immune system
- Metabolic disorders due to hyperacidity and clogging
- Mental strain and stress


Whether at home or on the move – the VIVOBASE FAMILY devices bring  effective protection against electromagnetic radiation.

The VIVOBASE FAMILY protects from UMTS, LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, DECT, Bluetooth, GPS, switch-mode power supply units, monitors and other artificially produced fields, as well as from natural fields, such as water veins, faults, and natural and cosmic radiation.


VIVOBASE GmbH is German engineering expertise combined with decades of medical experience throughout the development of measurement devices/therapeutic devices for the Healthcare sector – that was the genesis of our devices for protecting against electromagnetic radiation. VIVOBASE unites the research, development and production of effective devices for protecting against electromagnetic radiation.

VIVOBASE products are not classical ‘esoteric’ solutions instead they are ‘electrotechnical’ solutions with high efficacy.

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