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The Mitochondrial and Integrative Health Frontier
Middle East

At Proactive Health, we focus on a holistic approach to health, which ties in with offering functional supplements, mitochondrial nutrients, EMF protection solutions, chronic infectious diseases diagnosis as well as educational resources around identifying and managing complex chronic conditions.


In the Middle East, we ambition to be at the forefront of the integrative health field for the medicine, dentistry, and health-conscious individuals communities.

Proactive Health aim at pushing boundaries with a multi-faceted approach to holistic, integrative health solutions, which ultimately contribute to a better overall quality of life.

Pipetting Samples

Proactive Health partner with German innovators to bring a world-class level of innovative products, education and service that they need to offer to their demanding and educated patients.


Functional supplements





Mitochondrial Vitamins & Minerals 

Ubiquinol Q10


Minerals & trace elements

Dental Care

Skin care



Oral health microbiome

Gut health microbiome


EMF protection device

Natural shield against manmade frequencies radiation


Advanced pathogen diagnostics

Chronic infectious pathogens tests

Advanced immunomonitoring of emerging diseases

Immunoassay for Pleomorphic forms

Immune Profile - CD19/CD3-/CD57+/CD56+/CD45+ cells

Direct Immunochemical Detection of Mycotoxins
Initial detection of infection and monitoring of therapy

Education service


Medicine Conference

Enable doctors to leverage the latest research and diagnostics presented at the conference to enhance their treatment protocols, improve diagnostic accuracy and speed for mitochondrial dysfunction and related conditions, and design more comprehensive and targeted therapeutic approaches.

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