The interconnected network of oral and gastrointestinal tract microbiomes present unique opportunities for advancing human health therapy. 

The oral and gastrointestinal tract microorganisms constitute the bulk of the overall human microbial load.

It is becoming clear that many and perhaps most chronic conditions have a microbial involvement.

We are dependent on our microbiomes to perform many functions that are essential to our health. 



BABY+  from birth to 24 months

JUNIOR+  from 2 to 8 years

PREMIUM  from 8 years onwards

New generation probiotics

now in the UAE

Made in Germany

Why do they succeed the most demanding efficacy test?

A biological approach for an optimal oral biofilm modulation that helps in dental caries, gum damage and halitosis treatment.

with the right dietary and oral hygiene habits


The repercussions of impaired oral health on overall health are established 

Periodontal disease is accepted by the medical community for its role in cardiovascular problems and diabetes,

The periodontal disease is a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, premature births, and low birth weights.

Oral health problems in children can lead to attention deficits, difficulty in school, and dietary and sleep issues. Also, oral health problems in older adults can lead to disability and reduction in mobility.   

Since the mouth is the gateway to the digestive tract, it should not be surprising that what happens in the oral cavity impacts the rest of the body (and vice versa, as in the case of diabetes).