Phytonutrient ActiveCells®  Chlorella

Therapeutic usage in biological dentistry and integrative medicine of the phytonutrient Chlorella

Active Cells

Large mercury concentrations in body tissue derive mainly from dental amalgam

Mercury vapor is continuously emitted from dental amalgam, absorbed and accumulated in organ tissues.

Humans with amalgam fillings have significantly elevated Hg++ levels in blood, hair and body tissues (saliva, stool, urine) vs. amalgam-free people. Biological effects on cellular level, chronic neurological disorders, central nervous system, immunity response are described in the scientific literature.  

Mercury Dental amalgams

Chlorella is included in the biological protocols and recommended by health pioneers and world wide experts.

The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique Protocol developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology.


Detoxification of heavy metals and biotoxins in chronic neurotoxic syndromes.​

Active Cells

Chlorella cell walls bind to mercury, prevent its absorption and reabsorption in the intestine.

1.Inhibits absorption of Hg in gastrointestinal tract

2.Inhibits reabsorption in intestinal tract

3.formats complexes Chlorophyll and Phytochelatines

4.stimulates phase II and III of biotransformation

5.Increases production of GST

6.Increases gut activity

7.Stimulates excretion

8.Inhibits competitively metal absorption of minerals

9.Restores the immune system.

Mercury Dental amalgams

Clinical study: long-term supplementation Chlorella and Fucus sp. algae treatment contribute to the removal of heavy metals in patients with long-term dental amalgam fillings and titanium implants.

" The dietary chronic supplementation with Chlorella vulgaris and aminosulphurates reduced Hg++, Ag, Sn and Pb levels (hair analysis) in patients with long-term titanium implants and dental amalgam restorations".


The 90-Day treatment in patients with 12-year titanium implants., Merino et al. Apr 2019 . www.mdpi/journal/antioxidants

Phytonutrient Chlorella

Chlorella has a unique balanced composition of nutrients.

50% proteins incl. 20 amino acids

13% minerals Ca K Mg Zn Fe

13% vitamins B2 B6 B9 B12 C E K1

12% polyunsaturated fatty acids

12% dietary fibers, pigments, antioxidants, chlorophyll, carotenoids, lutein

Phytonutrient Chlorella

Backed up by 6,500 scientific publications, a Chlorella dietary supplementation brings long lasting health benefits.

A regular intake stimulates the immune system, improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism disorders, provides gut health, acts as an alkalyzer agent, supports weight loss, wound healing.

Phytonutrient Chlorella

Dosage before and after amalgam removal or restoration

The recommended daily dosage is 3g for a total supplementation of 3 months.

A patient with amalgam filling ideally starts 2 weeks before the day of removal.

Higher dosage might be advised by the health practitioner (based on the individual condition of the patient) the day before the removal, the day of removal and a couple of days after.

Glass tubes Germany

A safe, pure and efficient Chlorella in the hands and mind of experts

Cultivated with a multi-awarded advanced biotechnology

Exclusively grown with pristine artesian spring source of water.

No open ponds or tank fermenters.

The photo-bioreactor (sunlight closed glass-tubes) brings a total protection from all possible contaminations.

Zero heavy metals and pesticides residues. Aflatoxins, microcystins-free


All nutrients preserved from oxidation.

High biosorption

Optimal photosynthesis and bioavailability

Comprehensive and demanding quality controls.

A know-how that can't be imitated.

No hidden components - No synthetic ingredients.

UAE-based Halal certified