What we do is built in to the name: Proactive Health Partners

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Metabolic diseases can be halted and reversed.

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The public perception that living a healthy lifestyle evolves from being a luxury to a necessity.

Our uniqueness ensures your products are within arms reach of those that need them

Our uniqueness ensures your products are within arms reach of those that need them

Proactive Health Supplements Trading LLC are dedicated to bringing integrative medical clinics and biological dental clinics a world-class level of innovative products, education and service that they need to offer to their demanding and educated patients.

We have chosen to offer a very selective distribution of unique products and solutions. 

The thoroughly selected ones in our range of products and solutions will be unique in their respective category and distinctive in the Middle East & Africa.

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We engage with companies 


  • have well-adapted innovation strategy

  • continually raising the stakes on innovation,

  • are attached to their independence,

  • have worldwide influence,

  • pay special attention to compliance and stay ahead of regulator demands,

  • consider reliable protection of data as a high priority.

We focus on advanced nutraceuticals supplements 


  • are well integrated into world-class health protocols, in particular in reversing metabolic disorders,

  • make them truly unique in the fields of cell and mitochondria, advanced nutraceuticals supplements, body activities

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We commit in combining broad expertise in global healthcare with in-depth knowledge of regional markets through 3 divisions:

  • Consulting (regulatory affairs research, market research), 

  • Distribution (registration and administration with local authorities, selection of adhoc interconnected intermediaries),  

  • Seminar and Training (education and training through face-to-face, workshops and webinars).