Advanced solutions for health prevention from Germany

We help biological dentists and integrative medical doctors to deliver progressive, safe and effective protocols

We’re pioneers in promoting their active collaboration, building the convergence between integrative medical clinic and biological dental clinic to become a reality in the Middle East.

We help demanding and educated individuals in their medical and dentistry health journeys to experience their optimum level of health.


We partner with German innovators in Advanced Nutraceuticals and Natural Shield Protection from EMFs 

Chlorella for biological protocol

Plant-based superfoods for

- Mercury dental amalgams safe removal

- Heavy metals, environmental toxins natural excretion.

Mitochondrial Medicine

Ubiquinol Q10

Liposomal vitamins, phospholipid

Minerals & trace elements

Dental Care

Skin care


Oral Health Probiotics

Intestinal Health Probiotics

Electromagnetic radiation protection

Natural shield against radiation





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Oral Health Probiotic

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Active Cells 


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Electrosmog radiation protection


Home, Car, Mobile

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Droplets Protection Shield 

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Evidencing a proactive health

Spread good vibes, not droplets

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3,000 droplets in a cough stopped

40,000 droplets in a sneeze stopped

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Elegant design

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